Modern apartment building that is smart.

Whether you are planning a housing project or rent office space, our personal virtual home asistant is designed to earn your trust. With a focus on safety, comfort, and energy efficiency, our solution is driven by a simple smartphone application that will transform your perception of smart buildings. Moreover, we offer complete financing and a guarantee of the full functionality of the entire solution, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

Video Intercom

When an unexpected visitor arrives but the intended recipient is not present, don't worry! Our video communication via smartphone allows you to handle such situations, even if you're on vacation. Experience the power of wireless technologies as you securely open the door by simply using the property owner's smartphone. Rest assured, our standard practice includes event logging with a video archive, always in strict compliance with GDPR regulations.
Access to the object based on authorization:
smartphone (bluetooth, NFC)
RFID chip
by entering the code on the touch screen

Controlled inputs

Our solution offers a timeless approach to managing resident or tenant access through the utilization of IP infrastructure. By delegating access control to automated central management, your property can benefit from an unattended mode. Integrating this system into a modern application allows for seamless handling of access situations for service partners, providers, and couriers, ensuring smooth delivery of important shipments.

Garage door

Forgetabout using remote controls for vehicle entry into garague. Embrace theconvenience of automatic entry in the garage or entrance ramp, as our system recognizesthe number plates of authorized vehicles. When an important visitor arrives,the owner of the parking space can easily grant access to the new number platedirectly from their smartphone. Enjoy a seamless and efficient entryexperience.


Ensure effective control of people's movement within the building or the entire area using digital cameras equipped with advanced detection capabilities for identifying suspicious behavior. Our system offers several days of cloud archive and logging, making it easier to review past events. Additionally, we provide comprehensive remote support to address potential criminal activity, enhancing security measures and promoting a safer environment.

Energy calculations

Solution includes a straightforward overview of energy consumption for both individual apartments and non-residential premises, which is a crucial aspect. It provides full support for facility management of the entire property and automatic billing of energy costs, utilizing the professional Chastia FM software. The expertise gained from the project is seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive and user-friendly format, accessible through a mobile application from our personal virtual caretaker. This ensures efficient energy management and a seamless user experience for residents and property owners alike.

Residential sensors and cameras

Are you concerned about the safety of people and the well-being of individual spaces within your building? Take proactive steps by integrating a variety of sensors into the residents' mobile application. These sensors effectively monitor crucial and potentially hazardous situations, including:
water leakage
smoke detection
opening/closing the apartment or office door
gas detection
If a resident or tenant wishes to integrate a vacuum cleaner or air conditioner into the mobile application, they have an ideal opportunity to select from a vast range of over 200,000 supported SMART devices!

Electric charging stations

We provide a comprehensive infrastructure for electric car charging in parking lots. With the convenience of authorization through either an application or a chip, both you and the public can easily access the charging facilities. If you are interested in installing your own charging station in a private parking space, please feel free to contact us without hesitation.

Additional functions

Are you interested in enhancing your marketing presentation with a captivating 3D visualization in augmented reality or an animated website? Take advantage of this opportunity and get informed now to secure the most favorable conditions for your project. We eagerly await your inquiry!


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About us

Our company Phillip, operating in the field of intelligent housing, draws on more than 25 years of experience in operating systems for more than 6,000 clients.
We are a team of experts covering architects, developers, or designers and we try to provide clients with an integrated and fully automatic system that will take care of the safety and comfort of your home with the help of intelligent technologies.
The Smart Home solution brings, guaranteed by us, lower energy costs, which will also be ensured by our Phillip application, which, in addition to monitoring energy consumption, connects digital identity (entrances to the building) with security (camera systems).
Such a solution has already been implemented in more than 20 apartment buildings throughout Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
When operating our systems, we draw inspiration from the long-term experience of the AmiNet company. You can learn more about the collective working on Phillip projects here.

Let collaborate together on preparing your next development project for the future. Schedule a non-binding consultation with us today.

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